Learn how to evaluate the user experience on your site

With only a few seconds to capture a user’s attention, we all know it’s important to have a great user experience on your site. One of our goals is to help you create a user experience that will keep users coming back to your site.

In the past, we shared our guiding principles for user experience and asked some of our most successful publishers to share their thoughts. However, many of you told us you’d like to see more examples of how to actually apply the principles to your site. We’ve heard your feedback and, on November 1st, we’ll show you how in a Learn with Google Hangout on Air that takes you behind the scenes of a user experience consultation.

During the Hangout on Air, we’ll evaluate a pre-selected AdSense publisher’s website and teach you how to take a step back, apply a critical eye, and evaluate whether or not the user experience on your own site complements your site goals. We’ll identify specific changes the publisher can make to improve the user experience, walk through our recommendations, and answer a few of your user experience questions, which you can submit when you RSVP to watch the live stream.

RSVP to let us know if you’ll be watching the Hangout on Air and we’ll see you on November 1st!

Click here to RSVP

Posted by Laurie Shiau - Inside AdSense Team 
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Announcing the Learn with Google webinar series for publishers

As we’re nearing the end of 2012, we’ve all got business goals to meet. Some of you might even be prepping for your busiest season. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Learn with Google series to help our publishers make the most from the web.  We’ll be hosting two upcoming webinars as part of our Learn with Google program:  

    Google+ for publishers: Grow and engage your audience with Google+
    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

    Join us for a discussion on how social media is impacting online publishers and how Google thinks about social. We'll also cover how you can grow and engage your audience on the web and mobile with Google+ using Google+ pages, the +1 button, Hangouts, and Authorship.

    Navigating Google's Mobile Ads Ecosystem
    Wednesday, November 28, at 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET

    Ever wonder who the buyers are in Google's mobile ads ecosystem and how their ads reach your inventory? Join us to learn the inner workings of Google's mobile ads ecosystem, including an overview of Google demand sources and the different channels advertisers can use buy your mobile inventory.

    Visit the webinar page for more information on these two events and to register. You can also stay up-to-date on the schedule by adding the Learn with Google webinar calendar to your own Google calendar.

    We look forward to hosting many more Learn with Google webinars for our publishers.

    Posted by Faith Rosen, Product Marketing Manager

    Join our upcoming Mobile Q&A sessions on Google+

    As part of our ongoing GoMo initiative, we’re hosting weekly "Mobile Q&A Sessions" for the month of October every Tuesday at 4pm GMT+1 / 8am PT on our AdSense +page. To learn more about going mobile or monetizing your mobile sites and apps, please drop by and join our interactive mobile hangouts. We’ll be answering frequently asked mobile-related questions and helping publishers with mobile-related issues.

    To join the Mobile Q&A Hangout sessions, follow these steps:
    1. Create a Google+ account, if you don't already have one.
    2. Visit the AdSense +page and look for the weekly “Mobile Q&A Sessions” event.
    3. Let us know if you are planning to attend through the ‘Are you going?’ drop-down menu.
    4. Once the Hangout starts, you’ll receive a notification in the Google bar.
    5. Join the Hangout and ask your mobile-related questions.
    6. The sessions will be regular Hangouts where up to 9 people can join at a time. If the Hangout is full, keep checking back in, as people will drop in and out as their questions are answered.
    7. Please keep in mind that these sessions will be mobile-focused, so we’ll only be answering mobile-related questions.
    We look forward to hanging out with you soon.

    Posted by Dairine Kennedy - Mobile Team

    Join us on Google+ for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business week!

    We hosted our first DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business Hangout On Air a couple months ago, and we heard you loud and clear - you want more tips and tricks to maximize your AdSense revenue through DFP Small Business. This week we’ll be hosting our first week dedicated to DFP Small Business performance suggestions, so if you’re not already following AdSense on Google+ there’s no better time to add us to your circles.

    We'll cover a different topic each day so join in daily for a full introduction to DFP Small Business, or pick and choose the events most interesting to you. Ask any questions in the comments or live and we'll answer them daily at 11am PT (2pm ET) from a Hangout on Air hosted on our AdSense +page. Here's the full lineup:
    • Monday September, 17th: Should I be using DFP Small Business?
    • Tuesday September, 18th: Dynamic Allocation I: Enabling ad units for AdSense
    • Wednesday September, 19th: Dynamic Allocation II: Priority levels
    • Thursday September, 20th: Setting and calculating your CPM Rate
    • Friday September, 21st: Introduction to targeting
    If you’re interested in joining our live Hangout On Air, visit our +page a little before 11am PT and look for the link. Looking forward to hanging out soon!

    Posted by Jason Sanio - Inside AdSense team

    Follow our AdSense +page and catch our upcoming Hangouts On Air

    We started our AdSense +page a few months ago to connect with you and regularly share information. Since the launch of the +page, you’ve provided great feedback and made it clear that you’re constantly yearning to learn more. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be hosting a series of Hangouts On Air to provide you with additional information and help you build connections within the publisher community. We’ll be covering a variety of topics, including how to:
    • Fix crawler errors
    • Establish a Google+ strategy
    • Use DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business
    • Understand your AdSense payments
    • Navigate performance reports
    • Implement optimization tips
    Be sure to follow the AdSense +page to learn about the specific dates and times of the Hangouts On Air. We’ll also post the recorded videos to our YouTube channel, in case you’re not able to watch a live session.

    We hope to Hangout with you soon!

    Posted by Jamie Firkus - Inside AdSense Team

    Watch our latest Hangouts On Air to learn how to get started with DFP Small Business and Mobile

    This past month we hosted two Hangouts on Air to help publishers get started with DFP Small Business and to create mobile websites using DudaMobile’s free mobile site builder. If you missed either Hangout, don’t worry -- we've included short recaps below, and you can watch the recordings at any time from our YouTube channel.

    Getting started with DFP Small Business

    If you’re thinking about using an ad server, just getting started using DFP or would like to learn some best practices you may have missed, then be sure to check out the video from our DFP Hangout.

    In the video, DFP specialist Rishan first explains how an ad server works and the benefits it can provide to growing publishers. He then discusses orders, line items and your ad units, and the ideal way to set up each. Before closing, Rishan talks about the different ways to traffic direct ads versus other ad networks and enable dynamic allocation for non-guaranteed inventory.

    Learning to build a mobile site

    In our mobile Hangout, specialists from Google and our partner DudaMobile, work with Dan from ScienceDaily.com to build a mobile version of his website. You’ll learn about available resources and important questions to ask yourself when starting to ‘go mobile’ with your site and how to create mobile ads to monetize mobile traffic.

    We hope you’ll join us for our future Hangouts -- be sure to stay connected with us by adding Google AdSense to your circles on Google+.

    Posted by Jason Sanio - Inside AdSense Team

    Watch the recorded GoMo for Publishers videos to learn how to mobilize your site

    As part of Google’s ongoing GoMo initiative, we hosted a live webinar a few weeks ago to help publishers learn the benefits of creating mobile-friendly sites, hear tips and case studies, and tap into new resources to get started. If you missed it, no problem! You can watch the recorded video or download the slides below.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    1. Why go mobile?
    Your users have gone mobile in a big way, hear why you must follow suit.
    2. Tips for building mobile sites   
    Mobile is different.  Learn 10 practical tips for building engaging, uniquely mobile experiences.
    3. Best practices in action
    Hear from web publisher FindTheBest about the success they’ve seen from going mobile.
    4. How to get started
    Google is here to help. Learn about tools we’ve created to get you started on the path to delighting
    your users and maximizing your mobile revenue.

    Interested in learning more? Watch the recorded webinar and download the slides.

    Posted by Tuyen Nguyen - Mobile Publisher Advocate

    Upcoming webinar on March 22nd: “GoMo for publishers”

    Did you know: 8 in 10 consumers instantly abandon a mobile site if the experience isn’t up to par?1  Mobile consumers have high expectations from content publishers today. With Google mobile searches growing 400% in the last two years, it’s increasingly important for publishers to satisfy the needs of a mobile user by building a mobile-friendly site.  That’s why we recently launched GoMo for publishers, which brings publishers a new set of tools to help build mobile-friendly websites.  

    Join Google on Thursday, March 22nd at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET, to discuss why it’s imperative to build for mobile and delight your fastest growing audience.  We’ll show you all the tools you need to get you ready to go mobile. Sign up today and learn... 
    1. Why go mobile? 
      • Your users have gone mobile in a big way, hear why you must follow suit.
    2. 10 tips for building mobile sites   
      • Mobile is different. Learn 10 practical tips for building engaging, uniquely mobile experiences.
    3. Best practices in action   
      • Hear from web publisher FindTheBest about the success they have seen from going mobile.
    4. How to get started  
      • Google is here to help. Learn about tools we’ve created to get you started on the path to delighting your users and maximizing your mobile revenue.

    Sign up for the webinar today.  We look forward to seeing you on March 22th!

    Posted by Joseph Corral, Product Marketing Manager, Google Mobile Ads

    Source (1) Limelight Networks, Inc. 2011

    Webinar: AdSense program policies

    Do you have a question about AdSense policies? Have you ever received a policy notification from AdSense? Do you sometimes worry about your account security? We’d like to invite you to an upcoming free AdSense policy webinar that’s designed to help publishers stay compliant with Google AdSense program policies. We’ll discuss selected policies, explain how Google enforces them and share tips on how to stay compliant, as well as what to do if you receive a policy notification.

    Topics covered include:
    • the types of pages on which AdSense ads may not be placed
    • how to ensure that your site remains compliant with our policies
    • what actions are taken in case of violation, and which notifications are sent by Google
    • what to do if you receive a policy notification from Google
    The details:

    Title: Google AdSense program policies webinar
    Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011
    Time: 5pm London time (GMT+01:00), 9am Pacific Time

    All publishers are welcome to attend the webinar, but please note the UK friendly start time of the session.

    If you'd like to attend, please register here:

    Register for the webinar

    We'll also have a Q&A session during this webinar. You can submit your questions in advance to the AdSense team and vote on questions submitted by other webinar attendees here. The most popular questions will be answered live during our webinar! To join and participate in the webinar you’ll need to install Webex Meeting Manager.

    Posted by Kasia Kugaudo - Inside AdSense Team

    Webinar: Implementing the +1 Button

    (Cross-posted on the Webmaster Central blog)

    A few weeks ago, we launched the +1 button for your site, allowing visitors to recommend your content on Google search directly from your site. As people see recommendations from their friends and contacts beneath your site in search results, you may see more, better qualified traffic from Google.

    But how do you make sure this experience is user friendly? Where should you position the +1 button? How do you make sure the correct URL is getting +1’d?

    On Tuesday, June 21 at 3pm ET, please join Timothy Jordan, Google Developer Advocate, to learn about how to best implement the +1 button on your site. He’ll be talking through the technical implementation details as well as best practices to ensure the button has maximum impact. During the webinar, we’ll review the topics below:
    • Getting started
    • Best practices
    • Advanced options
    • Measurement
    • And, we’ll save time for Q&A
    If you'd like to attend, please register here. To download the code for your site, visit our +1 button tool on Google Webmaster Central.